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Substance Designer屋顶制作视频教程 瓦片材质实例制作教学 附源文件



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In Roof Shader in Substance Designer tutorial we will go over on how to create a roof texture using 3ds Max, Zbrush and substance designer. We will first create our low poly tiles in 3ds Max, after that we will go into Zbrush and sculpt a few variations of our tiles, before adding some nice damage and then optimizing it so that we can export it back to 3ds Max. Back in 3ds Max we will setup out texture so that it will tile perfectly and so that it has a lot of vatiation in size, rotation, and shape. We will also make everything ready for baking like assigning different materials for the color map. Once that is all done we will set up a baker scene in Marmoset Toolbag 3 and bake out all our texture maps in using their new baker. When all the baked maps look good we will then move into Substance Designer where we will start creating our final texture maps. We will first improve the normal map with smaller details and then create our final albedo, roughness, and mattalic map. We will wrap things up with a final polish over the entire texture and render the final texture in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

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