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Blender UV贴图视频教程 模型贴图实例教学教程



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In this course we talk about what UV mapping is and why it is needed. We’ll go over the tools that Blender has available for us to UV map our 3D objects. And we’ll look at how to export your UV maps out of Blender so you can build textures in image-editing programs like GIMP. We’ll then bring these textures into Blender and assign them to our objects’ materials using the Node Editor. In addition, we will work with Blender’s Texture Painting tools, and examine how we can paint color and bump textures directly on our 3D models.
01. What is UV Mapping
02. Seams and Scale
03. UV Coordinate Space
04. Average Island Scale and Pack Islands
05. Assembling and Exporting a UV Map
06. Using GIMP to Create a Color Map
07. Applying the Texture Map in Blender
08. The Align UVs Tool
09. Creating a Color Map
10. Using HDR Images
11. Setting Up Texture Painting
12. Using a Texture with the Brush
13. Using a Stencil
14. Painting on the 3D Object
15. Adding Bump Displacement

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