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迈克之家是特拉维夫为数不多的犹太人、基督徒和穆斯林可以和平相处的地方之一,酒吧里每天晚上都挤满了外国人。在冲突中,它是一个国际化的避风港,是一块当地的瑰宝,许多人将它视为中东最终可能迎来和平的希望迹象。2003年春天,电影制作人杰克·巴克斯特和乔什·福德姆刚刚开始拍摄一部关于这家酒吧的纪录片。随后,酒吧被一场自杀式炸弹袭击摧毁,3人丧生,50人受伤——这场袭击永远改变了杰克和乔什的生活。以色列漫画家柯伦·沙德米(Koren Shadmi)创作了这部扣人心弦的非虚构作品,讲述了一群人在希望中走到一起,然后在绝望中找到重聚的道路的生活。
Mike's Place was one of the few spots in Tel Aviv where Jews, Christians, and Muslims could hang out peaceably, surrounded by the expats who filled the bar every night. It was a cosmopolitan haven from the conflict, a local gem that many pointed to as a hopeful sign that peace could come to the Middle East after all. In the spring of 2003, filmmakers Jack Baxter and Josh Faudem had just begun making a documentary about the bar. And then the bar was destroyed in a suicide bombing that took three lives and wounded another fifty people - an attack that changed Jack and Josh's lives forever. With art from Israeli cartoonist Koren Shadmi, Mike's Place is a gripping nonfiction accounting of the lives of a handful of people who came together in hope, then had to find their way together through despair.

Mikes Place 漫画 百度网盘下载 Mikes Place 漫画 百度网盘下载 Mikes Place 漫画 百度网盘下载 Mikes Place 漫画 百度网盘下载 Mikes Place 漫画 百度网盘下载

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