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CityZen: an eco-friendly city that uses its incredible trees to heal a post-apocalyptic Earth. Amal, an ultra-committed high school student, is ready to do her part as soon as she finishes her studies. But she'll have to contend with her sister, Sana, an activist who's determined to destroy this ethical city—a bastion of short supply chains and degrowth... Torn between her love for her sister and her environmental beliefs, Amal will have to choose a side!French singer Jain steps away from the world of music to write this unexpected, entertaining, and uncompromising reflection on environmentalism.


CityZen 漫画 百度网盘下载 CityZen 漫画 百度网盘下载 CityZen 漫画 百度网盘下载 CityZen 漫画 百度网盘下载 CityZen 漫画 百度网盘下载

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