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FXVille Blood Impact FX Pack 1.5 液体冲击

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Requires Unity 5.1.2 or higher.
Updated to use new features in Unity 5.6+, a new unified particle shader, and with 42 new and refactored effect prefabs!!
Why spend days or weeks making your own blood effects?
FXVille is a studio dedicated to making top-tier effects for AAA and indie games alike. This collection of 42 different blood effects covers everything you need from gunshots and sword slashes, to arterial spray and gib-filled head explosions in both realistic and stylized variations!
All of the effects are built in the Shuriken Particle System with a focus on performance and ease of use. The effects use a special particle shader that will adapt to different lighting environments so your blood looks great wherever you want to use it. To avoid strange and noticeable repetition, our shader also uses per-particle texture offsets, dynamic UV warping, and custom vertex physics that create random but natural variations in each particle.
The various blood materials are also easy to adapt for different enemies and visual styles. Need green blood? Switch the material tint color to green. Want different highlights? Choose from another one of the provided reflection textures or make your own. You can also use HDR color pickers for both reflection color and base color to make glowing lava or radioactive blood splatters.

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