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Zbrush Maya毛发制作视频教程 角色毛发胡须实例教学



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Recently I decided to learn Xgen for Maya because I wanted to give my character some convincing hair. I found it strange that there was very few quality tutorials out there explaining a solid process of doing this.
I learnt as much as I could from the tutorials available and self taught the rest. I thought this would be a great opportunity to share what I had learnt.
In this tutorial you will receive over 4 hours of content which describes my process of generating hair without the use of scripts or expressions. This includes generating scalps to grow the hairs from and the process of applying and grooming hair for all regions of the head and face, including:
– head
– eyebrows
– eyelashes
– beard
– peach fuzz
In the final chapter I then show you how to use arnold to build convincing hair shaders and render them for the desired result.
The software used in this tutorial consists of Zbrush, Maya 2017 and Arnold for rendering.

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