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LoveHate 1.9.9 情感模拟



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Love/Hate is a relationship and personality simulator for Unity. It models characters’ feelings about each other using emotional states and value-based judgment of deeds, including gameplay actions done by the player.
With Love/Hate, your characters will…
…have personalities and emotional states.
Love/Hate uses powerful, customizable personality and emotional state models.
…maintain relationships.
Love/Hate tracks how different characters and groups (factions) feel about each other, allowing you to define a dynamic web of social ties among your characters.
…judge and remember deeds.
Characters witness deeds committed by others, judge them according to their own personality and relationships, and remember them.
…and gossip with other characters.
Characters share memories realistically, allowing news of actions to spread organically.
Love/Hate lets you create complex characters that react emotionally to what’s actually happening in the game.
Love/Hate is the product of several years of research and development in realtime simulation of emotions and value-based appraisal, incorporating the latest academic and industry strategies. It works great in 3D and 2D, and includes complete, fully documented source code as well as support for:
• Hutong Games’ PlayMaker
• Ludiq's Bolt
• Opsive's Behavior Designer
• Eliot AI
• ICE Creature Control
• Icebox Studio's Adventure Creator
• Black Horizon's Emerald AI
• Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for Unity
• Pixel Crushers’ Quest Machine
• Gaming is Love's Makinom
• Gaming is Love's ORK Framework
• PLYoung's plyGame and plyBlox
• Paradox Notion's Node Canvas
• CallumP's TradeSys
• Opsive's UFPS
• UtopiaWorx Zone Controller & Zone Controller Pro

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