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DoozyUI: Complete UI Management System 3.0.c1 DiscordFixes



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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2018.1.9 or higher.
DoozyUI is a complete User Interface (UI) management system for Unity. It does that by manipulating native Unity components and taking full advantage of their intended usage. This approach assures maximum compatibility with uGUI, best performance and makes the entire system behave in a predictable manner.
By working only with native components, the system will be compatible with any other asset that uses uGUI correctly.
Easy to use and understand, given the user has some basic knowledge of how Unity’s native UI solution (uGUI) works, DoozyUI has flexible components that can be configured in a lot of ways.
Functionality and design go hand in hand in order to offer a pleasant User Experience (UX) while using the system.
We've been developing this system since 2015, when it was first released on the Unity Asset Store, and we have a lot of plans for it, going forward. A lot of thought, work and love went into creating this product and we really hope you’ll enjoy using it.
- Use native uGUI
- Easy to learn. Intuitive design
- Native Editor Integration
- Node Graph UI Navigation Flow
- Automated Sound Pooling
- Touch Detector
- Orientation Detector
- Supports all platforms
- Resolution Independent
- Mobile friendly
- In-Editor Documentation Links
- Searchable Documentation
- Video Tutorials
- Dedicated Support
- Clean Code. Easy to understand, modify and test.
- Full C# source code is provided
:: Quick Setup - setup is incredibly fast and easy, just plug and play. Intuitive controls mean fast tweaks and optimal workflow, so you have more time for the important stuff.
:: Resolution Independent - the UI Animator calculates all the resolution and aspect ratio changes and adjusts the animations accordingly. Because of this all the animations look and feel the same in both Landscape and Portrait Modes.
:: Progress Bars – YES! Create any type of progress indicator you can imagine and then animate and control it without writing a single line of code.
:: Save Time - Save your animations and load them in other projects. (asset files)
:: Fun - create all kinds of animations in Play Mode, save them and use them in any project. (with DoozyUI)
:: Easy - create intuitive menus without writing a single line of code with a WYSIWYG approach.
:: Total Control - fine tune all the animations settings from timings, to delays, to ease functions.

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