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Camera Controller 3.343 相机控制系统



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Requires Unity 2017.4.1 or higher.
The perfect AAA quality camera solution for your game!
The Adventure Camera has evolved and it is way more than just a 3rd person camera. The new Camera Controller is super smooth and built for 3rd person games, 1st person games, and even strategy/MOBAs. Using 'camera motors', the Camera Controller is able to seamlessly transition from one view to another. You can even transition mid-play to give your game that AAA quality boost.
Feature rich, the Camera Controller supports off-center 3rd person views, advanced view obstruction detection, character fading, camera shakes, and lots more.
Use the spline motor to have the camera follow a path for cut-scenes or in-game focusing. Leverage the motors that come with the Camera Controller or create your own camera motors for a truly unique experience.
* Modern 3rd person motor
* Traditional 3rd person motor
* 1st person motor
* Strategy/MOBA motor
* Path follow motor
* Fixed view motor
* Transition motor
* Create and add custom motors
* Advanced collision detection
* Character fading
* Field-of-view zooming
* Camera shaking
* Spline component
* User friendly UI
* Set up in seconds
* Support for any input solution
* Support for Windows Xbox controller
* C# Code included
* Unparalleled support
Note: Unity assets are not included.
Note: This is a universal camera asset and includes only a very basic character controller for testing.
Note: The old Adventure Camera is still available in the asset (for now). However, it should not be used.

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