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Gaia - Terrain Scene Generator v1.9.3.4 地形场景生成系统工具插件



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Welcome to GAIA, the all in one terrain and scene generation system for Unity that allows you to create stunning mobile, vr and desktop scenes in minutes!
GAIA gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and delivers simple, fast and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.
While GAIA is a terrain and scene generation system at heart, GAIA also saves you time, money and heartache by automating the setup of your builtin, lw or hd render pipeline, character, sounds, water, skies, post fx and lighting, so that you can be up and running around in your scene in minutes.
For the more seasoned adventurer CTS 2019 takes your terrain visuals to a whole new level, and SECTR COMPLETE 2019 allows you to split your terrain into sectors and stream them at runtime to deliver huge worlds and fantastic performance. To learn more about our integrated and growing suite of world creation and enhancement products you can check them out at the bottom of this post.
In addition to our own products the Gaia eXtensions system enables you to integrate other top assets into your scene with just a few clicks.
Gaia's Customers Say:
"Stunningly Well Designed Tools"
"This is by far the BEST of the BEST"
"Making the Very Hard, Very Easy"
"Finally, A Terrain Tool for Artists"
"Exceptional Product and Support!"
And with over 1000 5* ratings and 300+ written reviews, its no wonder GAIA is the most popular terrain system on the store!
With GAIA you will:
- Choose your target renderer (builtin, lw, hd);
- Choose your target environment (mobile, vr, desktop);
- Choose your game camera and game control styles;
- Create your terrain either manually by stamping features exactly where you want them, or procedurally with a few clicks, or both;
- Enhance your terrain by terracing, eroding, mixing, blending and other effects;
- Texture, plant, and populate your terrain with grasses, rocks trees and farms;
- Add your player, water, screen shotter, skies, sounds and post fx with a click;
- And finally, just press play!
Key Features:
- Builtin, LW & HD SRP v4.8/v5.7 terrain support;
- Builtin, LW & HD SRP v4.8/v5.7 water system;
- Automated pipeline installation & optimal setup;
- Mixed manual and procedural scene generation;
- Resources system - use our sample assets or your own;
- Stamping system - mix and blend stamps to shape your terrain;
- Spawning system - procedurally texture, plant and populate;
- Sessioning system - backup and share sessions to reliably re-create scenes;
- Extension system - create, share and leverage other assets;
- Enhancement system - enhance terrains with many utilities (terracing, eroding etc);
- Exporting system - export meshes, splatmaps, normal maps, shoreline, slope, curvature, aspects and more;
- Points of interest - spawn farms, villages, cemeteries or whatever you can imagine into your scenes;
- Take and share screen shots with the screen-shotting system, including a nifty way to easily find the exact spot the screen shot was taken;
- Set up your sound, lighting, post fx and water and and insta-pretty your scenes with a click;
- And much more - GAIA does the work of many assets in one.
Sample Assets Included:
The following samples are free for you to use in your own games:
- 3D Low Poly Adventure from Synty Studios;
- 3D Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge;
- Ambient Skies, Sounds, Post FX & Water from Procedural Worlds;
- Grasses from Turboscalpeur;
- Real Rocks from MotuProprio;
- Textures from GameTextures.com;
- Textures from NatureManufacture;
- Trees from SpeedTree;
Important Notes:
- Gaia does not support multi-tile terrains. You can work around this by enabling and working on one terrain at a time. Multi tile support will come with Gaia 2.0.
- Gaia water supports builtin, lw & hd v4.8/v5.7. If not using our water then any lw or hd version should be fine;
- Unity does not support SpeedTree in lw & hd, so the sample SpeedTrees supplied will not work. Support for SpeedTree is coming with Unity 2019 at some point. In the mean time use 3rd party trees such as those provided by NatureManufacture.
Why Procedural Worlds?
At Procedural Worlds we create quality products that are easy to use, nicely integrated and well supported. We document our products and help you to get the best out of them and Unity with over 100 video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Your investment supports our team so that we can create better products sooner and provide you with timely support now. To learn more about us please check out our reviews and then come and say hello or ask a question on our discord channel.
Our World Creation Products:
Gaia - A world and scene generation system for creating, texturing, planting and populating scenes from low poly mobile, VR and through to high end desktop.
GeNa 2 - Nominated by Unity as one of the best assets of 2018, GeNa 2 is a sophisticated level design tool that augments Gaia’s broad brush strokes, by working intuitively to give fine grained control in the placement of assets into your scene.
Path Painter - A tool to make terrain based roads, ramps, paths, and river creation and texturing a breeze.
CTS 2019 - Nominated by Unity of as one of the best assets in 2017, a PBR terrain shading system that significantly improves terrain look, performance and usability.
SECTR Complete 2019 - A suite of performance-enhancing tools that enable open world streaming, massive mobile games and includes the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation.
Our World Enhancement Products:
Ambient Sounds - A tool that creates interactive soundscapes that also comes with professionally composed sound effects and music library.
Ambient Skies - An integrated Skies, Post FX and Lighting system that makes it easy to create visually beautiful scenes.
World Manager API - A FREE light weight command and control system for Unity 3D that manages all your environmental assets via one simple API.
Our Utilities:
Pegasus - A system that can drive anything along a path. Great for cut-scenes, and even has an ambient ai that supports formations, animation and local avoidance for your npc's and animals!

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Many many thanks!
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哦?how much is it ?
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