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Character Editor: Megapack 4.1 幻想风人物角色

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Requires Unity 2017.4.1 or higher.
Welcome! This asset contains all releases of the best Character Editor available on the Asset Store. With all extensions!
Please run our WebGL demo in your browser to check what you'll get:
● Fantasy Heroes
● Fantasy Monsters
● Military Heroes
● Cyberpunk Heroes
● Western Heroes
The full list of assets included:
● Fantasy Heroes: Character Editor
● Fantasy Monsters: Character Editor
● Military Heroes: Character Editor
● Cyberpunk Heroes: Character Editor
● Hero Editor: Style (Extension)
● Fantasy Heroes: Epic (Extension)
● Create and customize human characters
● Change body parts and equipment
● Basic sprite collection
● Full sprite collection
● Create and customize human characters
● Change body parts and equipment
● Change body parts color
● Mix armor parts
● Face expressions
● Upper and lower body animation
● Basic firearm visual effects
● Basic firearm sound effects
● Save and load characters as prefabs
● Save and load characters as JSON
● Test Room
● Ultimate performance
● Quick support
● Extend sprite collection with our paid bundles (available on the Asset Store)
● Asset manual and script reference included
Tech specs:
● Unity 2017, Unity 2018
● Clean C# source code with comments
● Mobile friendly
● Any platform (PC, Android, iOS, WebGL)
Important notices:
● The asset contains service code loaded from DLL
● Full version of UI is not included in this package
● This asset will not work with MonoDevelop, please consider using Microsoft Visual Studio (select VS from Unity preferences)

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