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SEEK: Project Searcher 2.10.04

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
New version 3.00.00! To upgrade configurations from previous versions please check the short steps in section 2.1 of the documentation.
Seek is an editor extension that lets you search your Unity project and hierarchy in useful and powerful ways.
:: Use regular expressions (regex) to execute complex queries over your assets/objects.
:: Choose between searching over asset names or paths. Or by GUID!
:: Take advantage of greedy matching to find "That Weirdly Named Texture" by just typing "TWNT".
:: Display and sort assets by size to see which ones take up the most space.
:: Filter assets by type (AudioClip, Shader, Texture, etc) or modification date.
:: Save your searches persistently for later use. Seek keeps track of the selected options for that search.
:: Filter textures by compression type. Want to select all images that are using DXT5 compression? You can!
:: Search for objects or prefabs with a certain component. As specific as "objects with BoxColliders containing an IsTrigger variable set to true"!
:: Differentiate asset names from their paths and see what matched your query via simple color highlighting.
:: Open Seek from Unity's "Window" menu, or with a quick keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+K.
Seek works in both Personal (free) and Pro versions of Unity, on Windows and macOS. It displays well in both light and dark editor skins (see screenshots).
The extension uses a single folder named "Seek", which can be moved around your project if you wish, as long as it stays in an "Editor" folder. Its classes are namespaced, and all files are easily identifiable by a common "Seek" prefix, meaning that project pollution is kept to a minimum.

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