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LipSync Pro 1.501 面部表情动作插件

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LipSync Pro is an editor extension for creating high-quality lipsyncing and facial animation inside Unity.
Supported on desktop, mobile and console.
Core Features:
- Easy to use Clip Editor for synchronising dialogue.
- Custom inspector with Pose Editor.
- Also includes Emotion and Gesture Markers, allowing for more nuanced animation.
- Randomness modifiers to create more lifelike movements.
- Presets system allows for quick character setup with many different character systems or on large projects.
- Supports both blend shape and bone transform based workflows out of the box.
- BlendSystems allow LipSync to work with many different animation systems. Use our own support for several 3rd-party assets, or create your own.
- Animations are not tied to a character, so lines of dialogue can be shared between characters without any further work.
- Includes a free copy of EyeController, to easily add some life to your characters.
Clip Editor Features:
- AutoSync allows you to easily sync clips in just 2 clicks!
- See a real-time preview of your animation as you create it in the Clip Editor.
- Hold a particular phoneme for any length of time, great for shouting or singing.
- Built around ease-of-use, with features such as:
    - Zoom/Pan Timeline
    - Marker multi-selection
    - Rebindable Keyboard Shortcuts
Please Note: LipSync Pro does not support automatic lipsyncing at runtime. Clips must be created in the editor beforehand.
Built-in or downloadable integration with the following 3rd party assets:
- Adventure Creator
- Cinema Director
- Cinematic Sequencer - SLATE
- Dialogue System for Unity
- Flux
- NodeCanvas
- Playmaker
- Quest System Pro
- UMA 2
- USequencer
And many more!

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