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AAA Stylized Projectiles Vol.1 2.1

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Requires Unity 2018.1.9 or higher.
The asset includes:
- 25 unique projectiles (spells, fireballs, arrows, bullets, lasers and more) with the same style as AAA Magic Circles and Shields
- 25 unique hit effects
- 22 flash effects
- 67 textures (7 unique animations)
- 6 multipurpose particle shaders (+6 for LWRP)
- Demo scene shooting script
- Script to instantiate effects on particle collision (you can change position, rotation and number of effects)
- Works with Lightweight Render Pipeline!
- Works with HD Render Pipeline from Unity 2018.3!
All effects work on all platforms and are presented in normal sizes. You can easily resize effects using standard size values. Effects made in 2 versions:
- Moving through a script using transform.velocity (you can rewrite the script so the projectiles fly into the target)
- moving through speed in a particle system!
Video and screenshots of the effects were made using post-effect "Bloom" from free Post Processing Stack by Unity Technologies!
尊敬的游客 ,本付费内容需要支付 30枚金币 才能浏览(如何获取金币<立即支付>

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