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Competitive Shooter HUD 4.16-4.22

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A versatile collection of highly designed gameplay HUD and UI features with a focus on First Person Shooter.
Competitive Shooter HUD is a gameplay HUD UI pack and consists of a wide range of effective HUD features typical for first person shooters. In addition to a number of effects such as achievements, medals, damage feedback, damage indicator, etc., it also offers the shooter typical health and armor bars, weapon bars, action bars and team kill counter, timer, a sophisticated crosshair system, intermediate points count and much more.
Each system is independent and is called and customized via custom Blueprint nodes. All Systems are accessed via a context-sensitive interface and can be accessed from almost any class.
Technical Details
   Tutorial Message
   Crosshair System incl. Scopes
   Hit Indicators
   Progress Bars
   Hit Points
   Damage Indicators / Feedback
   Kill Messages
   Intermediate Points
   Persona Kill Count
   Health Bar
   Armor Bar
   Weapon Bar
   Action Bar
   Team Kill Count
   Post Process Effects
   17 Weapon Icons in 3 different sizes
   Over 100 Generic & Controller Icons in different sizes
Number of Blueprint Classes: 31
Number of Textures: 361
Number of Widgets: 93
Number of Master Materials: 16
Number of Material Instances: 18
Network replicated: No, HUD & Widget classes are completely clientside
Fonts used (Open Font License): Barlow & Barlow Condensed by Jeremy Tribby
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac
Additional Content:
Please make sure that you have enough experience in handling Blueprints.
This asset does not replace the part of the gameplay programming
of a weapon system or similar systems used in shooter games.

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