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CCG Kit v1.10 多人集换式卡牌游戏项目源码

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Requires Unity 2017.4.0 or higher.
A complete multiplayer collectible card game kit.
This asset is a great starting point to develop your own multiplayer CCG/TCG and also to learn about how such a project can be architected and implemented.
• Server-authoritative multiplayer functionality leveraging UNET.
• Integrated editor that allows to specify the game's fundamental properties and create new cards in a visual way.
• Includes complete demo game in the spirit of the genre's classics.
• Includes single-player mode against AI.
• Game user interface that makes extensive use of Unity's UI system.
• Complete and extensively documented C# source code. Customers have access to the private GitLab repository of the project.
• Includes official integration with Master Server Kit for dedicated server setups (Master Server Kit needs to be purchased separately).
• Complete set of unique graphics designed by ricimi.
• Please note this is not a visual scripting framework; you will need to know how to program in C# in order to use and further customize and extend the asset.
• Please note the kit does NOT include any server-side persistent storage features (e.g., card shop, card packs purchasing and opening, tournaments, etc.).
This asset requires importing the free TextMesh Pro and DOTween assets (license here) and the free Full Serializer library (license here).

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