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Card Game Starter Kit 1.1 卡牌游戏入门基础包

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Requires Unity 4.0.0 or higher.
Starter Kit is a powerful tool for generating card meshes in the Unity editor.
- Card generator component
- Textures for standard deck of cards
- Sample Blackjack game
The heart of this package is a procedural generator of card models. It builds an optimized mesh of triangles sharing parts of a texture atlas to produce high-resolution cards. This technique dramatically reduces draw calls and texture memory which can be critical for mobile or web applications.
A playable Blackjack card game demonstrates how build your own card game. The cards are double-sided 3d models and shows how to animate cards flying from a deck.
You can use this to generate card models for your own project. It has a set of textures for cards which you are free to use or replace with your own custom artwork. Includes a custom Inspector-tool so you can rebuild the texture atlas for the cards.

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