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iRDS - Intelligent Race Driver System 3.2赛车智能物理

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Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.
*** Must read this for upgrading from V2.1.0.6.d ***
This is the core dll version, source code version can be found here -> iRDS Pro
Unity 5 Ready!
uGUI Integration!
Includes 3 car models courtesy of GameReady3D!
New Replay System and RCC and Rewired integration
Intelligent Race Driver System is a Race Game Toolkit that would help you to develop your Racing Games. It includes an AI system to compete with human players and it's own Car Physics(you dont need to buy another physics package), also this package includes other features to make it easy to build your racing game (manage GUI, settings, Camera control, etc.).
• Save tons of time, don't need to code the AI
• Start making your game directly, instead of coding it!
• Save money! you don't need to buy another Car Physics Package!
Features included in this version:
• Compatible with Edy’s Car Physics, UnityCar, Randomation and Realistic Car Controller out of the box, compatible with any other car physics with some mod to the included Vehicle physics interfaces scripts
• AI steering
• Breaking
• Overtake
• Breaking if opponent is in front
• Collision prevention - if opponents on sides
• Track limits (left and right limits of the track)
• Different AI behavior
• Pitting
• Counter steering if the car drifts
• Compatible with Easyroads, the system creates the track limits from the EasyRoads marker
• Racing line
• Grid positions
• pit line
• Force Feedback compatible
• New suspension system! (MacPherson & Double Wishbone)
• More realistic car physics
• Mobile Touch Controls! (Including Touch Steering)
• Includes Gear Shifter compatibility!
• New Sounds manager options for AAA sounds!!!!
• Different race types (Circuit, Sprint, Knockout, Checkpoints, Speed Trap and Capture the flag)
• Road cameras position (for using on road camera view mode)

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