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Hierarchy PRO - Auto HighLighter v20.7 高亮显示插件

发表于 2019-4-15 15:22 | 显示全部楼层
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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2017.2.3 or higher.
☰ Hierarchy PRO - It is a modern arrangement of elements, flexible dynamic interface, and additional windows of extensions will enhance your workflow.
(LEFT) Auto-HighLighter. You can create the templates that will automatically be applied to the objects of the desired types, tags, or names.
The ability to adjust the HighLighting colors position and search them by various parameters.
The component icons are displayed next to the names, and each one has its own menu. You can call internal functions or display variables next to the icons.
The history of selections and a beautiful drop-down HyperGraph window that show the objects references and its components right at the bottom of the interface or dockable window.
Size of Default Icons
Now you can interact with the bottom interface using 4 little buttons
The interface harmoniously placed into the work’s environment, and does not bother you from the workflow.
Quick and easy navigation on the history of the Selections.
Module for tracking the size of textures and size of three-dimensional models!
Filtering and sorting objects into any parameters.
Different settings and hotkeys for working with components.
An extensible RightClick Menu for objects, with hotkeys. Just inherit the interface HierarchyExtensions.IGenericMenu.
Setting font size! And Height of Lines
Group / UnGroup / DuplicateNear / Siblings - new examples of the user context’s menu
The innovative pairing of favorites and history with the Hierarchy window; unobtrusive but powerful design.
Incredible time savings when working with any of its features.
The ability to combine a dozen of modules such as ‘Sprites order’, ‘Layers’, ‘Tags’, ‘Descriptions’ on the right side and find out the amount of memory consumed by objects.
The PlayMode Keeper allow you to save changed variables in the PlayMode.
All functions are perfectly integrated into standard hierarchy window and do not overload the working interface.
Complementing the excellent features, a plugin including great extensible menu. This menu called for specified objects is an excellent addition and a great opportunity to use your own functions to work with objects.
Any interactions with the interface are convenient and unobtrusive. But there is more than was written. but certainly there is more than was written.
Having tested the capabilities of the plug-in, hardly ever will you return to limited work in the standard hierarchy window. Get the ball rolling – give the plug-in a go and share it with your friends!

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