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Billboard Baker Pro Bundle 1.5.4 游戏广告牌插件

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.1.0 or higher.
The Solution for horizontal 360° perspective billboards.
Useful for Pc solutions and mobile.
For the sake of simplicity atlasing and dynamic lighting feature are now included.
Follow quick guide in manual for fast scene setup!
Now support for dynamic batching. Reduce batches and gpu thread time dramatically! Build big scenes of many thousend objects and gain an amazing far view.
Atlasing feature now included. Lower draw calls and increase performance!
Dynamic lighting takes base and normal map of selected object and applies lighting in real-time to a Blinn-Phong shader by default. An UBER shader now also supports nature soft occlusion tree shaders. Here a parameter map is added to capture each trees ambient occlusion, directional occlusion and other Information unitys shader uses. In the future more supported shaders like standard shader are possible.
Bake billboards for your static and moving objects. Rotation to camera is taken care of in gpu to reduce cpu load. Billboards position and scaling is now calculated even after quads are dynamically batched together.
More new features!
- Selectable maximum texture size - Scalable - Rotatable in dynamic lighting mode - Moveable - Instantiate from prefab in runtime - Crossfade support for seamless transitions - Fog Support
Recent manual is included and can be downloaded here.
Now support for webplayer!
Shaders are now written by hand and mobile optimization will taken care of in next updates.
Supported environment: Unity 5.1.0 - 2018.x Supported plattforms: PC, mobile, Webplayer and Web Gl

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