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Advanced FPS Counter 1.3.9 游戏高级fps计数器

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
Simple and flexible in-game frames per second counter with advanced features, made to let you monitor stats of your game right on the target device.
Shows stats via 3 counters:
• FPS Counter
• Memory Counter
• Device Information Counter
Has a lot of customization settings.
FPS Counter
Frames per second, obviously ;D
Frame time in milliseconds.
Average FPS with customizable samples.
Minimum and maximum FPS with prewarm.
Approximate Render Time.
Custom colors within 3 custom intervals.
Memory Counter
Total private memory.
Allocated memory.
Mono memory.
GFX Driver memory (Unity 2018+, dev build).
Optional Precise mode for extra accuracy.
Customizable color.
Device Information Counter
Customizable color.
OS: name and Platform type.
CPU: model, cores count.
GPU row 1: full model name.
GPU row 2: API name and type.
GPU row 3: shader model & VRAM.
RAM: total amount on current device.
• resolution & refresh rate
• window size & screen DPI
Model: device model.
Common features
Optional background (invisible) mode.
Global hotkey to enable / disable plugin.
Global gesture to enable / disable plugin.
Force FPS option to simulate low-end device.
Keep Alive option to survive scene switches.
Flexible counters anchoring.
Smart update system.
Independent update intervals of counters.
Background effect.
Text Shadow & Outline effects.
Custom colors and style for each counter.
Custom scale, font, spacing, pixel offsets.
And more (see screenshots)!
Overall highlights
Works on all platforms.
Compatible with micro mscorlib, IL2CPP, .NET 4.6.
Has a tiny footprint and simple setup.
Has detailed readme with tips and hints.
Has full API documentation.
Full C# sources included!
You can create, control and customize it from editor, code or both of them!
Legacy versions available (on request): for Unity < 5.4 for Unity < 5.0 for Unity < 4.6.1

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