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Word Game Builder 2.0.1f2 文字游戏创建生成工具

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Requires Unity 4.6.0 or higher.
Word Game Builder is an extensive, versatile system to create your own high-performance word games.
Word Game Builder is available in two editions: Standard and Pro.
Compare editions here.
Features of Word Game Builder:
• Multiple languages (English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish are included)
• Fast, efficient word checking
• Permutation checking and prefix checking
• Letter tiles, players, tile distributions and word game AIs
• Easy to use event binding
• Mobile-ready, with a fully documented example game
• Built-in support for sprites, meshes, Unity UI, NGUI, and 2D Toolkit
• Source code access [WGB Pro]
The package is mobile-ready and comes with a fully documented example game.
Why choose Thinksquirrel assets?
• World class support: We take support seriously. All Thinksquirrel products and services come with access to both our knowledge base and direct support.
• Great performance: Focus on what's important: creating your vision. Our tools have a very low overhead and just work.
• On every device: Thinksquirrel products work on every platform supported by Unity. Whether you're targeting PC, Mac, mobile, or anything else, our tools help you get the job done.

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