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Jarcas Promo Code System 1.0.1 优惠券代码生成插件

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 4.5.0 or higher.
The Jarcas Promo Code System is a cross-platform solution for creating, managing, and redeeming promo codes for in-app purchases. Perfect for when your game/app provides in-app purchases and you want to give them away to certain people (beta testers, friends/family, reviewers/press, contest winners).
- Well-documented with full source code
- Works on any platform
- Server-side promo code storage and verification via PHP/mySQL
- Add or remove codes after release without requiring an app update
- Create and manage codes from the Unity Editor interface (no coding or phpMyAdmin necessary)
- Supports multiple games/apps in a single database
- Supports multiple products per game/app
- Highly configurable code generation. You choose exactly how you want your codes to look
- Can remove lookalike characters ("1", "I", "0", "O", etc.) to avoid user confusion
- Promo codes can be configured to be restorable (useful for non-consumable products)
- Promo codes can be single-use or multi-use
- Tracks device ID on redemption
- Generate many codes in one click
- Provides security against hackers spoofing server messages
- Works in Unity Free
NOTE: Promo codes are stored and verified by a web server. The necessary server-side PHP scripts are included in this package. However, you are required to supply the server itself. Any server providing PHP and mySQL databases will suffice.

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