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Bolt 1.4.1 可视化脚本编辑插件

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2017.4.2 or higher.
Bolt brings complete visual scripting to Unity, empowering artists, designers and programmers to create gameplay mechanics and interactive systems without writing a single line of code.
Comparison: Compare with alternatives.
Learn: Tutorials, examples and manual.
Forum: Submit questions and ideas.
Discord: Chat with the community.
Roadmap: Discover our plans for the future.
Jams: Join a game jam and win amazing Unity assets!
• Flow Graphs
• State Graphs
• Live Editing
• Beautiful Native Look
• Full Codebase Compatibility
• Lightning-Speed Reflection
• Human-Friendly Naming
• Built-in Documentation
• Predictive Debugging & Analysis
• Grouping, Layout & Zoom
• Nesting & Reusability
• Easy Setup & Update
• Fuzzy Finder
• Full Type Support
• Variables & Save System
Choose between two powerful graph types to implement your ideas:
• Flow Graphs: Powerful flow control graphs (similar to Unreal Blueprints) for low-level logic and complex tasks.
• State Graphs: Elegant finite state machines (FSM) for high-level logic and easy state management.
• Live Editing: Create and modify entire graphs while in Play mode. Bolt's unique runtime will save and propagate your changes, allowing you to prototype and build your game while playing it -- not just tweak values or test ideas. Goodbye, compilation times!
• Beautiful Native Look: Bolt integrates seamlessly in the Unity interface to look and feel like a built-in tool.
• Full Codebase Compatibility: Use any method, field, property or event from Unity, any third-party plugin and even your custom scripts without any work required on your end. Bolt directly accesses your codebase via reflection and is always up to date.
• Lightning-Speed Reflection: With its unique reflection optimization engine, Bolt is up to 6x faster than traditional reflection.
• Human-Friendly Naming: Bolt can automatically translate complicated programming names into a human readable format that is easier to understand for designers and artists.
• Built-in Documentation: Get instant access to Unity and custom documentation directly from the Bolt interface; no need to open the manual ever again.
• Predictive Debugging & Analysis: Bolt can predict and color-code nodes that will crash before you even press play, as well as analyze your graphs to anticipate values in edit mode and indicate unused paths. If an error occurs at runtime, Bolt will pin-point its source by highlighting it in the graph.
• Grouping, Layout & Zoom: Create groups to organize your graphs and keep them tidy. Use built-in layout tools to automatically align and distribute your nodes. Zoom out to get a bird's eye view of your logic.
• Nesting & Reusability: Create macros that can be easily reused across different game objects and shared online. Nest any kind of graph in any other for reusability and modularity.
• Easy Setup & Update: Simple wizard assistants make the setup and upgrade process safe and painless. Say goodbye to complicated configuration and buggy updates.
• Fuzzy Finder: Don't spend precious time browsing menus to find the right action. Just type what you're looking for (ex.: "move", "collision", "add force"), and Bolt's unique fuzzy finder will instantly give you contextually relevant options.
• Full Type Support: Don't limit yourself to floats, booleans and strings. Bolt can inspect and edit most types, including lists, dictionaries, nullables, enums, static and private fields.
• Variables & Save System: Keep track of any kind of value across the current graph, game object, the scene or the whole application with our powerful variable system. Save permanent variables to the player prefs without any additional work — Bolt's built-in save system.
• Deployment Platforms: Bolt is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Support for AOT and IL2CPP platforms like iOS, WebGL, WSA and consoles is provided with automatic AOT-stubbing and linker file generation (currently in beta).
• Development Platform: Bolt has been fully tested with Windows and Mac OS X. When available, retina icons and textures are used on high-DPI displays.
• Unity Edition: Bolt is compatible with Unity Personal, Plus and Pro. Unity 2017.1 or newer is required.
• .NET Runtime: We provide .NET 3.x and .NET 4.x builds of each version on our Download page.
Bolt is an living, evolving plugin under constant development. Our roadmap includes exiciting features like:
• C# Script Generation
• Tweening
• Networking
• Refactoring Tools
• Behaviour Trees
• Improved Debugging
• Delegates and C# events
• Odin Serializer Integration
• ... and much, much more!

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