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Obfuscator Pro 3.3 代码混淆加密插件

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This extension requires one authorization per user
Unity 5.6.1 or later is required.
Obfuscator Pro is developed to increase software and game security especially for games build with Unity3d.
It feature is to obfuscate built dotNet assemblies, like assembly-csharp and assembly-unityscript for Windows/Mac/Linux Standalone Games and embedded Systems like Android and IPhone. Beta: Xbox and Playstation.
Obfuscator Pro considers specific Unity features, like MonoBehaviour, NetworkBehaviours, Serialization, Reflection, and so on, to allow a easy and out of the box working obfuscator.
Obfuscator Pro features reachs from simple renaming:
– Namespaces
– Classes (also MonoBehaviour and NetworkBehaviour)
– Fields
– Propertys
– Events
– Methods
Up to Method content obfuscation and advanced features like:
– Adding random code
– Make classes unreadable (so classes cannot get directly decompiled)
– String Obfuscation
But why should you choose Obfuscator Pro?
Obfuscator Pro makes it nearly impossible for the bad guys to steal your source code. And gets periodic updates that it kepts this way. Your source code gets so entangled through renaming, random code and string obfuscation, that no one can get your original code.
Obfuscator Pro is the only Unity3d Obfuscator that considers Namespace obfuscation and MonoBehaviour/NetworkBehaviour/ScriptableObject obfuscation!
But the best features is, you are getting access to the obfuscator source code of the assembly obfuscation process. So you can create for example custom “Addons”. And you can be 100% percent sure, nothing gets added to your game that could harm you/your Game or your Players. Where you can only trust .dll based obfuscators without source code access.
Supports Unity 5 and 2017 and 2018
Now with IL2CPP support!
NOTE: Since Unity version 2018.2 and up, Monobehaviour class names and their namespaces cannot be obfuscated apart of generic or abstract classes! (Because of unity's asset policy.)

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