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Landscape Auto Material 1.62 地形树木树叶草石头创建编辑工具

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.3.0 or higher.
Landscape Auto Material is a comprehensive terrain and foliage creation toolset that augments built-in capabilities of the game engine. It allows automatic texturing of landscapes based on height, slopes etc, and automated foliage painting, thereby saving many hours of work.
Added support for Unity 2018!
In this pack you also find high quality forest assets with advanced foliage (sub surface scattering \ transmission, dynamic wind etc) and Multi Foliage Brush Tool which allows you to paint with configured groups of objects!
LAM Unity features include:
Terrain shader
- A set of custom physical-based terrain shaders
- Automated terrain texturing based on slope and height, with full override ability.
- Height-based layers mixing
- Triplanar texturing support, eliminating “stretching” on slopes
- Multi-UV mixing to reduce repetitive tiles in distance
- DX11 tessellation support.
- Additional coloring map to reduce repetitiveness
- Paintable coloring layer - paint color directly on terrain
Multi-Foliage Brush Tool
- Multi-foliage brush tool that can paint several foliage types simultaneously - including mixing grass, stones, trees and any other objects.
- Auto-painter system that intelligently places foliage based on terrain textures, slope, and noise mask, with almost-realtime updates.
Foliage shaders
- Custom tree shaders with wind animation and leaf translucency (transmission), working with both built-in and prefab-based trees.
- Custom grass shader with translucency and texture-based wind animation with improved realistic specular wave.
Custom foliage system (FoliagePainter Pro)
- Fully custom system allowing painting meshes on terrain
- Supports any shader, not just the ones included in package
- Automatically batches foliage instances for draw-call reduction
- Supports fully-static and runtime batching - Can be used to paint ANY prefab on terrain - lights, particle effects, etc.
- Fully supported by advanced painting tools in the package.
- Improved in-game performance
- WYSIWYG Editor
- Improved auto repaint editor system
- Editor performance improved (more than 3x faster!)
- Improved Transmission foliage materials
- Updated post process configuration and demo-scene
- Smooth LOD Transition for Leave Tree shader
- Unity 2017 compatibility

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