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Obfuscator 2.3.4 代码混淆加密防反编译插件

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This asset obfuscates your code to make it harder for bad guys to reverse engineer your projects. Specifically designed for Unity, it seamlessly links in with its build process.
The top priority of this package is to work straight out of the box with no extra steps required. While other obfuscators can stop a game from working, Beebyte's obfuscator looks for specific Unity related code that must be protected. The contents of your source files are unchanged, the obfuscation targets the compiled assembly.
- Supports IL2CPP
- Supports Assembly Definition Files (Unity 2017.3+)
- Removes Namespaces without any conflicts
- Recognises Unity related code that must not be changed
- Renames Classes (excluding MonoBehaviours†)
- Renames Methods
- Renames Parameters
- Renames Fields
- Renames Properties
- Renames Events
- String literal obfuscation
- Adds fake methods
- Easy and extensive customisation using the Unity inspector window
- Consistent name translations are possible across multiple builds and developers
- Semantically secure cryptographic naming convention for renamed members
The asset works for both Unity Free and Unity Pro version 4.2.0 onwards (including Unity 5, 2017, 2018, 2019). Build targets include Standalone, Android, iOS, WebGL, UWP. Other platforms are not guaranteed or supported but may become supported at a future date.
† MonoBehaviour classes can be renamed up to and including Unity 2018.1. However this feature had to be retired with 2018.2 onwards.
IL2CPP builds are much harder to reverse engineer but strings and member information (class, method names etc) are visible in the global-metadata.dat file. Obfuscation will apply to this file adding further security.
Why not complement your security with the Anti-Cheat Toolkit - a great third party asset.
For more information about the Obfuscator, please see the FAQ

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