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Shader Weaver 1.5.0

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.5.1 or higher.
Shader Weaver v1.5.0
New! Support Unity 2019
Previous Updates
Dynamic border example
Right-click context menu
Support Unity 2018
Blend Mode: Off
Compatible with NGUI. Add a new ShaderType 'UI2D Sprite(NGUI)'
Normal map support
25 new Blend Operators
Code Node
Dummy Node
Coord Node
Resolution setting for Mask/Remap
Tutorials for new nodes
4 examples of code node
Previous Improvements
• Mask Node improvement
• Remap Node improvement
• Remade Mixer Node
• Editor window optimization
• Smooth preview on mouse over
• Color and Custom Params can be changed immediately without updating
• More hotkeys
• UI layout tweak
• Unify line ending for win/mac
• Support render type option
• Support shader name editing
• Bug fixes
Shader Weaver is a node-based shader creation tool specializing in 2d/Sprite/UI effects, giving you the artistic freedom to enhance Sprites/UI in a visual and intuitive way. Support Unity 5/2017/2018/2019.
Distinctive nodes and workflow makes it easy to create impressive 2d effects and save huge time.
Use handles/gizmos to make effects rather than input tedious numbers. Draw masks and create remap textures with convenient tools inside Shader Weaver.Graphics tablet is supported.
•Growing Samples
A pack of sample effects including shaders and textures to study and use freely. All effects in trailers/tutorials are in the package.
•Intuitive interface
Clean and intuitive user interface.
•Mask Texture Creation
Draw masks to divide areas for individual sub-effects.
•UV Distortion
A visual way to distort uv coordinates.
•UV Remapping
A unique way to make path along effects and object surrounding effects.
•Simple Operation
Use handles/gizmos like what you use to do.
Nice width/height corresponding preview.
•Hot keys
Comfortable hot keys speed up editing and drawing.
Fully support Undo/Redo on nodes,numbers and textures.
•Play Mode
Edit and update in play mode.
•Copy Paste
Support copy and paste. Reuse nodes from other Shader Weaver project.
•Depth Sorting
Decide nodes' display order by depth sorting.
•Visual Modes
View textures' individual rgba channel and choose what to see by setting layers.
No extra files to sync over version control system. All Shader Weaver data are stored in .shader files.
Compatible with UGUI, NGUI, Playmaker, Bolt, Corgi Engine, DOTween, Odin, Anima2D...
Make the change, use 2D dedicated shader creation tool to enhance visual quality of your game.

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Здравствуйте, как увидеть?
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这个是最新版的吗??  我的1.3.0  会报错, 很头疼!!!!
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