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Aura 2 - Volumetric Lighting & Fog 2.0.2 体积照明和雾

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2017.2.4 or higher.
Aura 2 is a volumetric lighting/fog solution for Unity.
Aura 2 simulates the illumination of the micro-particles that are present in the environment but too small to be visible to the eye/camera.
Aura 2 brings state-of-the-art volumetric lighting system to Unity.
This rendering technique is the same as the one used in the latest high-end games such as Tomb Raider, God Of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin's Creed Odyssey ...
Features :
All types of light supported
Full shadows support (1/2/4 directional cascade(s), spot, point)
Cookie support
Volumes injection (Global, Planar, Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone) with :
Density injection
Scattering injection
Light injection
Ambient Lighting injection
Light Probes Lighting injection
Color Temperature support
Ambience Presets for 1-click kickstart
Improved quality
Multiple Cameras support
Light Probes support
Stereo / VR support
Realtime preview in editor
Toolbox with shortcuts
Realtime Quality switch
Fast Import Time
Compatible with :
Gaia from Procedural Worlds
Amplify Shader Editor from Amplify Creations
Bolt - Visual Scripting from Ludiq
Opaque/Transparent geometry support
Particles illumination, fog and density
Works in Forward/Deferred
Works in LDR/HDR
Works in Gamma/Linear
Texture2D and Texture3D support
Dynamic 4D noise support
Fully commented API
Upcoming Features :
Cascaded Frustra
3D Mesh support for Injection Volumes
Ambience Presets Volumes
More Ambience Presets
Realtime Texture2D Volumetric Scattering
SRPs, LWRP, HDRP support
Aura 2 strictly requires full support of the following elements to work :
RenderTextures (3D as well)
Please verify that the support of these elements is not limited especially on lower platforms.
Aura 1 and Aura 2 are not compatible with each others. Please delete all references to Aura 1 before importing Aura 2 in your project.
Aura 2 currently does not support SRPs, LWRP or HDRP as they are still in Preview and subject to consequent changes.
Aura 2 was developed and tested on Windows and DirectX11.
Other platforms and Consoles are on their way but are currently not guaranteed.
However, Aura 2 have been reported successfully working on MacOs + Metal.

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666lwrp 体积雾
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Thanks for sharing.................!
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