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Cinematic Sequencer - Slate1.9.0 场景电影视频序列动画编辑器

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.1 or higher.
Supports Unity 5.6, 2017, 2018.
SLATE is the most efficient, easy and intuitive sequencer for creating cinematic or gameplay cutscenes in Unity, full of unique features and an artist friendly UI/UX for achieving the best workflow and results possible within a lesser amount of time.
SLATE will help you achieve your creative vision without the hassle, in a familiar linear track-oriented realtime editor, inspired by software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere right inside Unity.
Feature Highlights:
• Take Control with unparalleled Realtime Scrubbing, Visual Feedback and deterministic Layer-Based sampling.
• Direct cutscenes with an intuitive camera Shot System, while making moving shots without a hassle. Create transitions, automatic blend in/out of gameplay and render from a single consistent Render Camera, thus keeping all image effects like Color Correction or AO applied the same.
• Compose moving camera shots without keyframes, by utilizing the new Dynamic Shot Controller features.
• Animate anything within a familiar Curve Editor and manage animation keys easily, within an intuitive DopeSheet Editor.
• Animate action clip parameters directly within the clips, in a similar fashion to animation software like After Effects and achieve much more in less time.
• Work with Auto-Keying or Manual-Keying modes similar to most animation software.
• Visualize and edit animation Motion Trails directly within the 3D Scene View.
• Playback Animation Clips on top one another, utilize Avatar Masks, or smoothly cross-blend between them, using an advanced layer-based Animation Track system. Both Legacy & Mecanim Support.
• Take Advantage of direct Mecanim Animation Clip playback without the need to create a Controller, while also using animation re-targeting, root motion and IK.
• Playback Audio Clips while taking advantage of Unity's audio mixer for finer control and applied effects.
• Playback Video Clips with the all new Video Track.
• Utilize a variety of action clips included for animating lighting, time, fog, particles, 2D sprites, facial expressions, head look-at, IK, subtitles, image overlays, pathfinding and much more with full scrub control and realtime editor feedback.
• Work with Virtual Actor References and prefab actor instances automatically and without a hassle.
• Reuse made Cutscenes by animating actor properties and clip parameters in local Cutscene Space.
• Utilize the new Alembic Track, importing alembic files and for creating high-end Unity cinematics.
• Render to PNG, EXR or MP4 files along with Render Elements in editor or in runtime.
• Organize and re-organize cutscenes with Time Sections, or use SubCutscenes similar to After Effects PreCompositions.
• Play cutscenes in any way possible. Once, Loop, Ping Pong, forwards, backwards, a specific section, or any combination within these words.
• Extend and create custom action clips with ease, using a clean and well documented API.
• Publish to all platforms.
• Full Source Code Included.
• VR Supported.
• And much more...
Available Integrations:
• NodeCanvas.
• FlowCanvas.
• Dialogue System for Unity.
• Adventure Creator.
• Playmaker.
• Spine.
• LipSync.
• FinalIK.
• CaronteFX.
• Alembic Importer.
• Post Processing Stack.
• More to come...

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