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uNode - Visual Scripting 1.7.5 可视化脚本编辑器

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
uNode is Visual Scripting plugin for Unity 3d. This plugin allows designers, artists and programmers to create gameplay mechanics, interactive systems and even C# script without writing a single line of code.
•Flow Graphs
Powerful flow graphs for low-level logic and complex tasks.
•State Graphs
Powerful state graphs which combine Flow, State Machine, and Behavior Tree into one graphs.
•Dynamic Nodes
Use automatically generated nodes for all and any Unity functionality, your code and 3rd party APIs. Including Methods, Properties, Fields, Unity Events, C# Events, Generic Methods, Constructors and Operators.
•C# Generator
Each build in nodes are supported to generating a script and its fully no dependencies with uNode this mean you can remove uNode and run output script to another project without uNode.
•C# Parser (Required Unity 2018)
Import c# script into uNode to quickly creating a node graphs and learn how uNode work.
•State Machine
Elegant state machines for high-level logic and easy state management, support nested state machine and unity events in each of state.
•Basic Support for Behavior Tree
Included Behavior Tree nodes to help creating AI easily, fully support to combine it with State Machine and Flows nodes.
•Actions & Conditions System
Make game with more easier ways, better organized, and easier to understand for non programmers.
•Built-in Documentation
Get instant access to Unity and custom documentation directly from the Editor.
•Live Editing
Modify any part of your graphs while in playmode to quickly prototype and test ideas (Only supported in uNodeRuntime)
•Runtime/Script Debugging
Insert breakpoints, watch connection, and watch variable changed in runtime and generated script.
Undo/Redo changed nodes, variable, etc fully support in editor.
Import from exist uNode (runtime, class, struct) or Global Variable and Export to prefab, exist uNode to save more times.
•And much more
C# Generator Feature
•Class: Support modifier, namespace, attributes, interface, and inherit from another class.
•Struct: Support modifier, namespace, attributes, and interface.
•Variable: Support modifier, and attributes.
•Property: Support modifier, and attributes.
•Method: Support modifier, attributes, parameter, and generic parameter for Generic Method.
•Constructor: Support modifier, and parameter.
•NestedType: A type defined within a class or struct (unlimited of nested).
Supported C# Object
•Generic Method
•Generic Types
Supported Type: UnityEngine.Object and its subclasses, and type that supported by FullSerializer will be supported which mean almost all type are supported.
•Development Platforms: uNode runtime fully support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, other platforms are not tested. For generated script its support all platforms that Unity support.
•Works on Unity Pro and Free

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