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VertExmotion Pro 1.8.5 p1 柔体系统插件

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.4.0 or higher.
VertExmotion is a shader based softbody system coupled with a procedural animation system.
You can easily animate parts of your mesh like hair, cloths... within Unity editor!
No need to add bones for everything!
Very fast & easy to use!
- Add a single component.
- Paint what you want to animate!
- Add sensors and set motion properties.
- press play and enjoy!
Compatible with
Alloy - Shader Forge - Amplify Shader Editor - Unity Shader Graph
( Includes nodes for LWRP and HDRP )
VertExmotion is a fast softbody simulation for improving game visuals, it's not a full physics based softbody system.
Compatible with the standard shader and more than 40 built-in shaders.
Easy to include in your custom shaders.
PC / MAC / iOS / Android / WebGL
Source code included

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it is very good
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it is very good
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