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Master Audio: AAA Sound v4.2.2 音频系统插件



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Master Audio gives you tremendous ease of use, speed, power and flexibility far beyond any contender. Why use another underpowered solution and waste your time writing code? We've coded every scenario from easy to complex so you don't have to! We even have our own flexible "no coding" event-based script to hook sound up if you don't have Playmaker.
:: Audio occlusion with many options!
:: True randomized *weighted* sound variations.
:: Mesh / spline audio - position audio source at the closest part of your collider(s) - perfect for rivers and other ambient audio!
:: Many advanced features for categories such as voice limits and time-limited retriggering.
:: Save memory! Automatic loading and unloading of audio from Resource files, including dead simple multi-language support!
:: Immersive! Set up multi-layered music with cross-fading or gapless transitions!
:: Saves Time! Mix during real-time play with option to keep those changes when you stop!
:: Easy! Set up per-scene or persistent sounds and soundtracks without writing any code!
:: No Coding Needed! Powerful & flexible event-driven script for no-code control of sounds & playlists!
:: Explosive! Built in per-sound music ducking!
:: Power! Support for Unity Audio Filter FX. A Master Audio exclusive!
:: Fun! Jukebox gives you instant testing control of your playlists!
:: No Instantiating during play! For rock solid performance and super-low allocation on all platforms!
:: Total Control! Fine control via pro audio mixer controls including buses and mute / solo switches!
:: Now includes Bulk Audio Importer for free!
:: 5-star support, just read our reviews!
Supports all export platforms with superb performance for mobile games.
Setup is incredibly fast and easy, just plug and play. Intuitive controls mean fast tweaks and optimal workflow, so you have more time for the important stuff.
3rd Party Integrations:
- Resonance Audio
- Koreographer
- Salsa with RandomEyes
- Playmaker
- Behavior Designer
- Bolt Visual Scripting
- NodeCanvas
- ICode (was AI For Mechanim)
- Dialogue System
- RelationsInspector
- 2D Toolkit
Works on Unity 4.5+, free and pro !
Get better audio, faster, with Master Audio.

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great asset
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