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Bakery - GPU Lightmapper 1.551 灯光光线照明烘培渲染插件



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要求Unity 5.6.0 或更高版本。
Bakery is a high-end, production-ready, hassle-free GPU lightmapper, designed as an alternative to Enlighten and Progressive.
NOTE: Requires modern Nvidia GPU (6xx or newer) and 64-bit Windows (7 or higher).
Doesn't support AMD cards for baking.
Tested on everything from Unity 5.6 to 2018.3.3.
Resulting lightmaps are compatible with all platforms.
- Physically correct baked lighting. All results were compared against Mitsuba offline renderer.
- Performance: uses GPU for ray-tracing.
- Can take advantage of (but not requires) RTX hardware.
- Uses NVidia AI Denoiser to remove noise, powered by deep learning.
- Fixes common baking artifacts, such as lighting leaks and UV seams.
- Global Illumination (supports custom shaders).
- Sky lighting (HDRI or color).
- Emissive textured meshes.
- IES Lights.
- Directional, point, spot light sources.
- Materials: supports albedo, emissive, opacity.
- Can produce both complete and indirect lightmaps, or even mix both per-light.
- Can produce shadowmasks.
- Supports directional baking (bump/specular) with 4 modes: dominant direction (compatible with most shaders), Radiosity Normal Mapping, per-pixel spherical harmonics, as well as simply baking normal maps to diffuse.
- Selective render is supported.
- Light probes.
- Automatic atlas packing.
- Supports Mesh Renderers and Terrains.
- Supports LODs.
- Supports baked prefabs.

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