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Amplify Shader Editor 1.6.4 材质渲染编辑插件



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NEW! Support for Post-Processing Stack shaders
NEW! Compatible with Substance in Unity plugin
NEW! Support for Custom Render Textures
NEW! Support for both HD and Lightweight SRP
NEW! Multi-Pass on Templates
NEW! Compatibility with Unity 2018
NEW! Xbox One/PS4/Switch Support
NEW! Terrain support
NEW! Shader Templates
• HD PBR/Unlit SRP
• Lightweight PBR/Unlit SRP
• Custom RT Init/Update SRP
• Post-Process effects including Post-Processing Stack
• Alpha-Blended particles
• Sprite
• Unlit
• Unlit Lightmap
• UI
New Tool
• Post-Processing Stack Tool
New Samples
• SRP HD Omni Decal
• Mosaic Effect
• Unlit With Lightmap
• Substance 2018
• Custom Render Texture Rain
• SRP HD Material Types
• SRP Lightweight Terrain
• Multi Pass Distortion
• Projectors
New Templates
• Post Process Stack
• Unlit Lightmap
• Custom RT Init
• Custom RT Update
New Nodes
• Instance Id
• Linear Depth
• Clip
New Shader Function
• Blinn Phong Light Wrap
• Decoding Directional Lightmap
• Terrain Wind Value
• Terrain Wind Animate Vertex
Latest Improvements
• Added new post-processing stack tool which generates a cs script with a PPS Renderer and Settings from a given shader.
• Amplify Shader Editor now supports both HD and Lightweight SRP v4.x.x via templates.
• Legacy HD and Lightweight SRP v3.x.x templates are also supplied via Legacy packages.
• Support for Custom Render Texture usage on Unity 2017 and above via Custom RT templates.
• Substances can now also be used on ASE canvas with Unity 2018 and above through the Substance in Unity plugin.
• Can now access 8 UV channels when on Unity 2018.2 and above.
• Can Pan and Zoom ASE canvas camera through keyboard directional keys.
• Support for Material Types into HD PBR SRP template.
• Support for Specular workflow into Lightweight PBR SRP template.
• Custom Options can now be added directly over templates.
• Templates can now be Multi-Pass.
• Amplify Shader Editor is now compatible with Unity 2018.
• Official support for Xbox One/PS4/Switch.
• Texture Array Creator tool now also creates 3D Textures.
• New 'Additional Use Passes' section on both Surface and Template output nodes.
• Can create terrain shaders, completely from within ASE without external editing required.
• Improved editor rendering pipeline leading to huge performance boost.
• Reduced editor memory allocations resulting on a low Garbage Collector impact.
• Editor more snappy and responsive when auto panning and zooming.
• Multiple fixes over various nodes, editor and samples.
Learn more: Amplify Wiki
Discuss here: Unity Forum Thread
Shader Samples: Full List
The Editor will continue to be improved in future updates, there are a lot more features currently in development.
Notable Features
• Full source-code
• Support for Xbox One/PS4/Switch
• Custom Node API
• Shader Templates
• Shader Functions
• Multi-window Support
• Intuitive, familiar node interface
• Extensive node library
• Instancing Support
• User Contributed Nodes and Shaders
• Growing sample collection
Amplify Shader Editor (ASE) is a node-based shader creation tool inspired by industry leading software. An open and tightly integrated solution, it provides a familiar and consistent development environment that seamlessly blends with Unity’s UI conventions and Shader use. Affordable quality and flexibility with the responsive customer support you can expect from Amplify Creations.
INTUITIVE and UX-focused, the workspace is familiar, clean and flexible. Dock it, or use it in a second monitor, it’s prepared to fit your layout requirements.
MINIMALISTIC toolbars and menus have been optimized to maximize workspace area without large intrusive nodes or menus. Creating nodes or new Shaders is as intuitive as creating a new Unity Material in the Project Explorer window.
OPEN to customer contributions like nodes, improvements, bug fixes or third-party support. We aim to provide a robust and flexible tool that can be easily adapted to existing art production pipelines.
FLEXIBLE shader creation options. While in the current version you can create and extend Surface Shaders, upcoming updates will include dozens of additional shader types, custom lighting models and extended options to help unleash your creativity while adapting to your production's technical specifications.

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