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Storyteller 2018.5.4 游戏故事情节编写制作情景分镜和对白内容设计插件



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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2017.4.0 or higher.
Storyteller,a powerful tool used for:
● Visual Storytelling
● Storyboarding
● Dialogue building
● General Narrative content creation
By creating your narrative content visually you see the present and future of your content simultaneously, making it easy to create dialogue, tell compelling and dynamic stories and make changes at any moment.
Storyteler Forum Post
The FREE Storyteller extension, Game Bridge is currently released on GitHub and is in BETA . It allows you to send your storyteller data into your game scene as ready to use Dialogue.
Some Storyteller Features:
1) Creating your story:
- Node canvas
● Create characters
● Define environments for characters
● Create a story/dialogue by using voice recording
● Create a story/dialogue by using text
● Create a story by using voice/ text mix
● Define sound effects for Actions
● Toggle text & voiceover mode in Dialogue nodes
● Voiceover recording directly in nodes
● Optional grid
● Quick Reset to canvas origin
● Auto Connect Node Setting
● Media nodes to sample character interactions
● Play through characters entire lifetime in a story using End nodes
- Scenes
● Create Multiple scenes in a Story project
● Optional automatic text dialogue timing
● Character management & tracking
- Timeline
● Change the interactions using Timeline
● Interaction sampling
● Text editing from timeline
● Node creation from in the timeline.
● Scrub, Pan , Zoom Timeline
- Shortcuts
● Mac & windows friendly Shortcuts
● Cycle through scenes with shortcut keys
- Storyboarding
● Use large or regular sized storyboards
● Scale to fit or crop storyboard images
- General
● Move characters through time
2) Enrich your story:
- Character Development and Management
● Define Character Biographies
● Create History & Evolution
● Access to over 90 personality traits per evolution state
● Create any amount of character voice samples per evolution state
● Set character Images for each evolution
● Link characters across multiple scenes
- Environment Development
● Link environments across any scene
● Set environment images
● Define general environment info
- Scene Development
● Set Scene Images
● Define general scene info
3) Project Management:
- Templates
● Generate templates of your scenes
● Share templates with other users
- General management
● Cut, copy and paste across scenes and story projects
● Edit Node Data in Properties Window
● Easy node detachment in properties tab
● Easily rename for nodes in the properties tab
● Optional project info display
● Character link manager system
● Environment link manager system
● Illegal node connection check
● Unused node check
4) Sharing your story:
- HTML Export:
● Export entire Storyteller project as HTML
● Export a storyboard with text and images
● Export a text only scene.
● Export a scenes with voiceover, sound effects, text, timing, environment tag, type tag and storyboard image
● Character list export
● Overview export
● Dialogue export with / without timing, audio and image
● Set custom export location or export in unity folder
- Canvas Screenshot:
● Regardless of size. Export high resolution screenshot of your entire canvas.
5) General
● Set custom zoom threshold
● Custom zoom settings
● Improved story caching
● Tooltips
● 16 dedicated editor windows
● Quick toggle between Story projects
● Optional Auto Project cache
● Custom Detailed Context Menu
● And much more

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