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Script Inspector 3 3.0.25



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This extension requires one license per sea
Requires Unity 4.0.0 or higher.
Script Inspector 3 was a finalist in the 2015 Unity Awards!
Si3 is an advanced IDE (a Code Editor) for scripts, shaders, and text assets, seamlessly integrated inside the Unity Editor. Si3 comes with context sensitive auto-completion for C# scripts and a rich set of additional tools, key bindings and mouse handling.
Si3 will blow your mind - it's that fast!!!
Si3 features a custom made advanced C# parsing and code analysis engine! Thanks to its novel approach to code analysis (a hybrid of .Net's Reflection and incremental syntactic and semantic analysis techniques) Si3 can easily outperform any other IDE (yes, including Visual Studio!)... Files open instantly! Code changes are reflected instantly in its internal data structures, in the parse tree, and in the type model with symbol tables. Changes are then instantly reflected back to all your scripts...
You will enjoy Unity as never before!
Programming in Unity now with Si3 is a very smooth, fluent, and pleasant experience. =) Programmers can finally focus on their tasks instead of waiting for (and sometimes fighting with) the external IDE's to run, load the correct script, or jump to the correct line.
Main features:
- Automatic code completions for C#, a.k.a intellisense
- Customizable code snippets
- Code generators for Unity magic methods
- Code generators for override methods
- Auto-closing braces
- Auto-indent
- Automated saving and reloading
- Quick inspection of static fields and properties
- Inspection of MonoBehaviour fields and properties
- Easily execute parameterless static methods
- Unlimited and independent undo and redo buffers per asset
- Quick call-stack navigation to Console log entries
- Code symbols and #region navigation
- Go To Definition
- Find All References with filtering
- Unity Scripting Reference
- MSDN Reference for .Net symbols
- Cursor history navigation
- Search / Quick Search / Find in Files
- Replace in Files with preview and selections
- Global Undo/Redo after Replace in Files
- Semantic and syntax highlighting
- Error highlighting
- Read/write reference highlighting
- Matching braces highlighting
- Version control (including P4Connect) integration
- Multiple handpicked fonts and color themes
- Full source code included!

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