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Relief Terrain Pack v3.3o 游戏地形编辑优化插件



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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
Feel relief watching RTP3 in action:
- AAA look of terrain at great framerates
- 8 POM textures with self shadowing in 1 pass
- Hard, well defined blending between detail maps
- Physically based shading (Unity PBR model)
- Unity5.3 ready
- Tessellation (DX11, openGL4)
- Advanced dynamic snow (with glitter)
- Triplanar with PM shading
- Global color/normal maps
- Terrain holes system
- Advanced dynamic water features
- Emission masks (dry surfaces & fluid - lava)
- Caustics
- And more...
Editor features:
- Built-in geometry blend toolset for seamless merge terrain with your geometry
- Built-in splat composition tools
- Realtime LOD & feature set adjustment
- Can be used on both terrain and arbitrary mesh
Includes new standalone RTP shaders that works out-of-the-box on any mesh including Voxel Terrains solutions (while any simplistic mesh with normals is enough).
Compatible with many products, including:
-TerrainComposer (strong integration)
- uTerrain (triplanar shading)
- TerraVol (triplanar shading with LOD system)
-Planetary Terrain
Package requires GPU with SM3.0
Does not require Unity PRO.

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thanks for sharing
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