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NodeCanvas v2.9.2 游戏角色人工智能行为逻辑插件



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The complete Visual Behaviour Authoring framework for Unity, empowering you to create advanced AI Behaviours and Logic, including three separate, fully featured, yet seamlessly interchangeable modules for you to choose and easily add in your game:
• Behaviour Trees
• Hierarchical State Machines
• Dialogue Trees
NodeCanvas is a production ready framework used by many awesome games including Pamela, Hurtworld, Kim, Shroud of the Avatar, Kingdom, The Long Dark and Ghost of a Tale.
Feature Highlights
• Use the right tool for the task at hand, choosing among three different systems.
• Design reactive Behaviour Trees and Hierarchical State Machines within an intuitive, designer friendly visual node editor:
(Full Undo/Redo, Zoom In/Out, Minimap, Multi-selection, Duplication, Copy/Pasting, JSON Import/Export, Groups, Comments and more)
• Use local & global variables of any type, visually or in code, for creating reusable and actor-oriented, parametric behaviours, optionally saving and loading those variables between gaming sessions.
• Data Bind variables with any component property or field of any type directly.
• Sync variables automatically over the network using UNET, for creating multiplayer games.
• Visually Debug behaviours with realtime, colorful and informative runtime debugging.
• Utilize the Graph Console to automatically locate faulty nodes with ease.
• Live Edit everything while in play mode to perfectly understand your design goals and how to achieve them.
• Utilize any existing code directly with advanced and extremely fast Reflection Tasks, automatically integrating Unity's and 3rd Party asset APIs.
• Work with Lists/Arrays, Enums, Interfaces and pretty much ANY Variable Type you need out-of-the-box.
• React to world changes and transfer data using the built-in Event System.
• Reuse and Bind made behaviours among any number of different agents.
• Organize your designs using Behaviour Sub-Trees and Sub-State Machines.
• Extend NodeCanvas Framework to create your own Actions, Conditions, Nodes or even completely new modules with the ease of a powerful, clean and well documented API.
• Customize inspectors in all ways possible, using Custom Object & Attribute Drawers.
• Integrate with lots of 3rd party assets.
• Publish to all platforms out-of-the-box.
• Rock Solid Performance. Zero Allocations.
• Full Source Code Included.
• And so much more...
No scripting? No problem. NodeCanvas comes with hundreds of useful game oriented premade Actions and Conditions to get you started directly. Furthermore you can use the special Script Control Tasks to make use and control any existing code and components without writing a single line of code!
Current 3rd Party Asset Extensions:
• Chronos
• Cinematic Sequencer - SLATE
• Cinema Director
• Core GameKit
• DOTween
• Easy Save
• Inventory Pro
• LipSync
• Love/Hate
• Master Audio
• Motion Controller
• PlayMaker
• PolyNav
• Simple Waypoint System
• more added constantly...
Community Driven Extensions:
• A* Project
• cInput
• FinalIK
• ProCamera2D
• Rewired
• uFrame
Furthermore, NodeCanvas seamlessly integrates with FlowCanvas enabling you to use nested flowScripts directly within your BehaviourTrees, FSMs, and/or Dialogue Trees!
" So, what's included? "
✔ The Core NodeCanvas Framework.
✔ The Behaviour Trees module.
✔ The State Machines module.
✔ The Dialogue Trees module.
✔ Lots of Game Oriented Tasks.
✔ Lots of 3rd Party Integration Tasks.
✔ The Full C# Source Code.
✔ Fast and Responsible Support.
Works with Indie and Pro
Works with Unity 5.6, 2017, 2018
Supports UnityGUI
Supports Unity2D

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