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Rural Farm Tiles 1.0 2D农场RPG游戏资源包

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This vibrant and cheerful resource pack is perfect for those looking to create a farming simulation game. Now you can create a genre different from the usual fantasy RPG, and focus on the daily activities of the modern farming life. Plant and water crops, upgrade your tools, fish along-side the river, herd some sheep, milk the cows, or mine out some minerals in the mines. A visible calendar in-game notifies you of the passage of time; watch the seasons pass you by as trees grow and bear fruit.
Or perhaps growing crops and raising cattle doesn't appeal to you—then there's always room to simply focus on the town life instead. Interact with characters, marry them, study at school, join festivals, try on different outfits, or relax at the beach. This is made possible with the arsenal of character sprites this pack has to offer, as well as plenty of decoration items to create a town and furnish homes.
This Pack contains:
- Environmental textures and objects for interior and exterior tiles (contains all 4 seasons) on a 32x32 pixel base
- 212 large and small icons
- 32 crops, 8 ores and 10 tools
- 2 main character sprites with alternate outfits and behaviors/actions, animated in 3 frames for 4 directions
- 49 unique NPC sprites (197 total)
- 6 animal sprites
- 32 doors
- 12 Window skins (pictures)
- Object mapping extras

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