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Materials and Textures for Buildings 2

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Hey guys,
We are proud to present the new version of our great materials & textures repository. We pushed ourselves to develop the existing materials to perfection and put a lot of effort in to creating a new line as well. As a result, this package was crafted over the duration of months and went through scrutinous trials of trained monkey architects to be made available to you today – our lovechild, born from passion!
Our aim was to create a line of visual product that fulfills our own architectural desire when it comes to real-time rendering, from easy implementation in interior scenes to urban development pitches where the key is to make all the materials blend just right.
Bottom line: every single texture in this package was created with two things in mind: you, and beautiful architecture.
This package contains over 50 great Materials!
- Concrete Materials
- Stone Materials
- Brick Materials (also ancient Brick Wall Materials)
- Pavement Materials
- Heavy Stone Wall Materials
- Rusty Metal Materials
- Course Plaster Material
- Gravel Material
- Wooden Floor Material
- And more
For many of the materials we created multiple tiling patterns like mirrored or random tiling.
In addition to the quality of our release, we wanted the whole community to be able to profit from it. It should be affordable for independent developers, startups and hobbyists to manifest their visions.
So at the end of the day, you can put your dreams forth for others to enjoy.
your whyTank

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