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Animated Pixel Pack 2.1 2D像素角色动画资源包

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A pack of retro styled pixel characters to be used in any pixel based RPG game.
Update 2.1 -
Added new 6 characters!
- Sorceress
- Merchant
- Bard
- Demon
- Tauren
- Imp
New 2.0 Update!
All characters now work great with 2d platformer games. Wall hanging, double jumps, ladder climbing, and more - see version details for info.
Update 1.1 - The pack now comes with all new female characters.
Animated with the built-in Unity Mecanim features (no need for any additional packages)
Pack comes complete with:
- 35 different character skins
- 22 mecanim animations (usable by any skin)
- Complete set of animation state machines
- Prefabs for each character, customizable by simply mix and matching sprites
- Demo scene for testing (as seen in the videos)
- Additional helms, weapons, items, and shields that can be combined with any character
- A set of premade projectiles that can be fired by any character
- Example scripts for controlling characters and simple AI
- Example spell effects
Optimized for great performance:
- A custom editor import script creates exact sprite geometry for each skin.
- No overdraw, improves performance
- No need to use transparent shaders, great for mobile
- Pre-packed into a single sprite atlas meaning dramatically fewer drawcalls
- Works great even on mobile platforms
Easily customizable:
- Add your own sprites using any skin as an example
- Add new animations using the Unity mecanim tools you are already familiar with
- Mix and match sprites to create new combinations
- Add code to swap out sprites at runtime to create a dynamic loot system
Full source code (with comments) included

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