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MegaTextures Pack - PBR 1.0

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MegaTextures Pack contains 180+ of high-quality PBR-ready textures.
All textures provided are in 2048x2048 resolution. All of the textures are seamless and tileable. Due to a large library size, all of the textures are supplied in a high-quality compressed JPEG format.
All of the textures contain the following maps: Albedo, Ambient Occlusion, Glossiness, Metalness, Roughness, Specularity, and Normal.
An immense amount of work has gone into the creation of this library; however please note that this library is still a work-in-progress, therefore we ask you to let us know if you find some inconsistencies.
The textures were procedurally generated using various software/techniques. We were given the rights to redistribute the procedural textures.
Amount of textures in different categories:
Wood: 26
Animal: 22
Stone: 18
Nature: 30
Metals: 33
Architecture: 51

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