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Ultimate VFX 3.2.0 终极游戏粒子特效 各种炫酷特效 超实用

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Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
The Ultimate VFX Construction Kit:
Create realistic fire, smoke, lightning, raging storms, shockwaves, and more!!
NOTE: SRPs are not supported. This asset works with the default 2D/3D modes.
For previews, support, suggestions, and general discussion for this asset, check out the official Unity forum support thread!
● Suitable for both 2D and 3D games.
While containing a MASSIVE number of effects unique ONLY to this package, Ultimate VFX also includes...
Also featuring:
▲ 300+ Prefabs - a massive collection of unique Shuriken particle system prefabs with varying levels of layered complexity to create amazing visual effects.
▲ 200+ (over 600MB) of Textures - want to create your own ultra high quality effects for next-gen platforms and resolutions? Dive into this monstrous arsenal of sprites and spritesheets and make your own!
▲ XP Titles - a new, experimental expansion with prefabs suitable for title screens, game menus, credit rolls, etc.
▲ XP Shockwaves - currently in its early stages, this expansion delivers epic hits and impacts into your game with incredible detail and colour!
▲ MIR-2II Shader Pack - most of the particle effects included use the default Unity particle shaders. Sometimes, that's not good enough. Ultimate VFX ships with several additional shaders to drive your visual design above and beyond with distortion, intersect highlighting, masking, and more.
Best of all, it's constantly updated! =D
Promo media (videos, images, etc.) uses the Post-Processing Stack and the Global Fog image effect by Unity Technologies.


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