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Bullet Impact VFX and Bullet Hole Decals With Sounds 1.1 子弹冲击特效...

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Requires Unity 5.3.5 or higher.
Bullet impact FX, Bullet hole decals and sounds - ALL IN ONE PACK!!!
Package contains 19 bullet impacts visual FX and bullet hole decals with sound effects.
You can use these impact effects for the following materials: - Concrete, Brick wall, Sheetrock, Metal solid, Tinplate or Barrels, Wood, Rubber or Plastic, furniture, Fabric, Electric devices, Ground, Sand, Sandbags, Rocks, Glass, Pottery, Windshield, Water, Snow, Ice. 88 materials and 128 high quality textures included.
Also, Pack includes 63 Bullet hole decals with cool 3D effect for following materials: - Concrete, Brick wall, Sheetrock, Metal Solid, Tinplate or Barrels, Wood, Furniture, Fabric, Rubber or Plastic, Sandbags, Glass, Windshield, Bulletproof glass. 5 different decals for each.
Also, Pack includes: 95 amazing sounds. 6 different sound files for each material surfaces.
18 physical materials included as well.

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