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Rifle Animset Pro 1.45 持步枪角色动画包

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Requires Unity 2017.1.1 or higher.
This is a complete set of 88 motion capture animations and a PlayMaker controller, to build a seamless, third person perspective character with rifle movement for your game. You can just drag and drop Player and Enemies on your level and play, or use the animations to build your own controllers! TPP shooter and Sidescrolling platformer game examples included!
Uses MECANIM Humanoid animations, but it can be converted to Generic or Legacy.
It consists of 88 animations, from which you can make game mechanics for:
- Walking
- Running
- Shooting
- Getting hit and dying
- Grenade throwing
- Aiming with Additive animations
- Melee attacks
- Sprinting
- Jumping
- and more
The package includes Mecanim animation graph and a PlayMaker controller graph for both TPP shooter and sidescrolling platformer.
Please import this package to a new Project with fresh Playmaker installed and check HowToInstall.txt for further instructions.
If you don't use Playmaker, you can skip importing Playmaker content or delete it later.
1. Import to a new, fresh Unity Project
2. Download and Import fresh version of Playmaker
3. Import Rifle Animset Pro
4. Unzip the Assets\RifleAnimsetPro\InputManager_Replace\InputManager.zip
5. Replace your existing InputManager.asset (it's in ProjectSettings\ folder) with the new, unzipped InputManager.asset file
5. Enjoy

Rifle Animset Pro 1.45 持步枪角色动画包 Rifle Animset Pro 1.45 持步枪角色动画包 Rifle Animset Pro 1.45 持步枪角色动画包 Rifle Animset Pro 1.45 持步枪角色动画包 Rifle Animset Pro 1.45 持步枪角色动画包 Rifle Animset Pro 1.45 持步枪角色动画包


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