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Melee Tracing Plugin 近战追踪插件 UE4功能插件

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This plugin adds new tracing functionality focused on melee combat.
The Melee Tracing Plugin adds a blueprint node(Melee Trace) and C++ Class (MeleeWeapon) used as a base weapon that contains melee tracing functionality. They perform a trace against a character mesh ( instead of the collision cylinder ) So you are given a huge amount of precision over a standard traces. Every parameter of the class and node is exposed and customizeable to your like. Various optimizations have been done so even with a huge amount of traces being done at runtime the performance impact is minimal the system also includes a few extra features that makes the tracing regarding melee combat easier

• New Blueprint node that includes a melee-focused trace with all of the parameters exposed
• C++ Class that serves as a base weapon / template including the same melee tracing but more tailored towards weapon usage
• Every parameter and event is exposed to blueprints for easy customization
• C++ Source included and commented
• Debugging utilities included (Debug Lines to see the traces in realtime and so on )
• Various Optimizations to make sure that even with many traces at realtime the performance impact is minimal
• Traces against the character mesh, not the collision cylinder resulting in a huge degree of precision
• When using the weapon class, it distributes the traces along the weapon blade, you only input how many traces you want to make and the system generates them

Melee Tracing Plugin 近战追踪插件 UE4功能插件 Melee Tracing Plugin 近战追踪插件 UE4功能插件 Melee Tracing Plugin 近战追踪插件 UE4功能插件 Melee Tracing Plugin 近战追踪插件 UE4功能插件 Melee Tracing Plugin 近战追踪插件 UE4功能插件


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